Results are in for Seedstars World KL 2017. BAWA Cane is not representing Malaysia, competing for the grand prize of over 1 million USD in Switzerland this year, however.

Our mission to help those who are in need continues despite not winning Seedstars World KL 2017. We continue to do our best in future endeavors.


BAWA Cane as seen on e27

BAWA Cane is mentioned right at the very end of the result announcement made on e27. Regardless, the organic spillover traffic is great! We achieved our objective of spreading the BAWA Cane name.

Below is an excerpt from e27.


Seedstars World Kuala Lumpur 2017 results
To view full article, please click here.

Till then stay tuned.

Together let's change lives.

#BAWACane #RecreatingHope


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